Doc McStuffins CheckUp Center

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Doctor McStuffins Get Better Check-Up CenterThe Doc McStuffins Checkup Center is an awesome gift to get the imagination of kids into that healing mode.  They will feel like they are working alongside Doctor McStuffins providing healthy checkups and remedies for their toys.  For all of those young, future doctors they will find everything they need in the Big Book of Boo Boos to look at play x-rays, Doctor McStuffins Get Better CheckUp Center X-raydiagnose problems, take height and weight measurements and provide healthy solutions. The Doctor McStuffins Checkup Center also comes with a handy bandage sticker dispenser right on the door of the clinic.

Doctor McStuffins Get Better CheckUp Center Lambie DollAlso included are Doc McStuffins friend named Lambie whose sounds and lights activate when she is placed on the Doctor McStuffins Get Better Checkup Table, a cool otoscope, a handy reflex hammer, neat syringes, a roll of bandage stickers, one Lambie figure, two play x-rays, a toy cell phone, an eye chart, a realistic, turning faucet on the sink, a sign, a Doc McStuffins child size labcoat, new first aid kit and three peg board holders.Doctor McStuffins Get Better CheckUp Center Accessories

Requires 3-AA batteries and 2-AAA batteries which are not included and some assembly is required.  Instructions included.

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